2020 Farm Stand Bouquet Bucks


2020 Farm Stand Bouquet Bucks

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New for the 2020 season is our Farm stand bouquet bucks! Spend them like cash at our farm stand so that you don’t have to worry about having cash or exact change. Purchase the minimum of $25.00 booklet and then add on as many $5.00 sheets as you’d like. When purchasing from the stand just tear and drop the value of bouquet bucks into the cash box for the the bouquet chosen.

Booklets will be mailed out in December just in time to give as holiday gifts or as a holiday treat for yourself. Booklets do not expire until November 2021 so you’ll have plenty of time to use them up.

It may not be 2020 yet but my mind is in overdrive thinking about the future and I have big plans to make it our best year yet!  I’ve mentioned this to some of you already but we are hoping to install a large heated hoop house/greenhouse this fall. This structure would be used to grow in ground crops such as ranunculus, anemones, freesia, sweet peas, lisianthus, dahlias, stock, scented geraniums,celosia, gloriosa lilies, crated tulips, crated lilies, and more.  Many of these crops are difficult to grow well outside because they like cooler weather therefore need to be grown extra early in the spring and are typically fall planted. Some of these crops are easily destroyed by rain and morning dew. Some are pest magnets outdoors and some simply love the extra heat and protected environment in the summer.

As you know Michigan springs are not very predictable and have cost us many thousands of dollars in lost crops because of planting delays, frosts, early heat waves, late snow, cold, rainy weather, the list goes on!  Investing in a hoop house would alleviate much of the spring headaches we experience every year and even later into the fall allowing me to grow this passion of mine. The more I can grow the more I can share with you!

Nic from 9 Bean Rows installs hoop houses and is offering an amazing deal to clear out his inventory.  I’ve already discussed it with him this summer but now I’m realizing that it will be very hard to come up with all the money this season.  The structure, installation, heater and gas lines, water lines, and electricity will add up to approximately $14,000. I’m currently saving all the money I can but we still have to pay for our large fall bulb, seeds, and plant orders in September.  So we are offering bouquet bucks!

 I am so very thankful for all of your support.  Growing flowers has been my life’s passion and sharing that with you is the best part.


Michelle Shackelford

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