I'm Michelle Shackelford.  I own and operate Leelanau Specialty Cut Flowers.

Before I took my first steps on the soil my parents had a dream of growing flowers.  They bought a nursery, moved to northern Michigan, fired up their new wood heated greenhouses and started growing.

I spent the first five years of my life growing things, playing in the dirt, and running through greenhouses.

My parent's dream was short lived but the desire and love of growing plants was deeply rooted in who I was to become.

My husband, Andrew, and I did a little moving around after college but we settled in Cedar, Michigan and were lucky enough to find a great home with acreage and a wonderful location.

I started the business the winter we moved into our home.  I didn't know much about the soil or how to run a business but this was going to be my flower farm dream come true!

So here we are, seven seasons in and I'm learning more each day.  Sowing seeds of our future in the sandy soils of Leelanau County.

I have always loved flowers.  And because of my childhood my fondest memories are of the magical gardens I have visited and the amazing people that tended them.  There is magic in a seed and that is worth sharing.

I hope you will follow along on our journey and subscribe to hear about events at our farm, flowery goodness, and future sales.